A Little Information About Our Stone House Project  



The Stone House and its property were purchased with an anonymous donation. The preservation of the site and the building were thought to be important, since the Stone House was the second building to be built in Mount Carroll. The donors asked that the land, when purchased, would be for two purposes:

          1. That the land would be, in perpetuity, for the use of the people of Mount Carroll and
          2. That the land would become a memorial park for the people of Mount Carroll.

In the ensuing years, donations of money, materials and time were contributed to save the building and the land. The CDC carried out and oversaw the work on the Stone House. The last work done on the Stone House was planned to take its renovation to such a level that the city could receive it as a park. Plans and estimates were made and a substantial donation again made the work possible. Regrettably, the bills exceeded the estimates and the plan was never completed. The building, however, has been stabilized for the near future.

All this was done with donors and workers still under the impression that 1 and 2 were valid assumptions. That all came to an end upon Lou Schau’s passing. It was then learned that #1 had not been part of the purchased agreement (as formerly believed) and #2 had never been part of the City of Mount Carroll’s plan.

Currently, the CDC owns the land and the house with it being their responsibility to pay for taxes, insurance and minimal maintenance of the land.

Over the years, several ideas have been presented to the CDC concerning the Stone House, but there has been no one with the appropriate knowledge willing to take on the responsibility of its further development (or non-development) of the property. Those who donated their funds, time and talent to the project have lost hope in the project. It is time for the CDC to make a decision.

          1. Do we continue with the project, finding a responsible leader and committee or
          2. Do we sell the property to
                    a. A buyer who would preserve the Stone House for the residents of Mount Carroll or to
                    b. Any prospective buyer

It is time for the CDC to make a decision - a decision the can and should be made in conjunction with the City Council. If the City were to assume this project, then the resources of the City (BDD money to hire a consultant to develop a total project as envisioned originally and any other resources of the city) may be combined with those of the CDC.

Mount Carroll is uniquely positioned for enjoying the benefits and quiet beauty of life in a small, rural community while having easy access to jobs and services in the larger near-by communities.

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