The mission of the Mt Carroll Community Development Corporation ...

is to encourage and promote economic development that will integrate, maintain, and enhance the integrity of Mount Carroll’s historic characteristics. This will be achieved through the retention and recruitment of retail and commercial businesses, manufacturing companies, and residential development that is sufficient to support the schools and a viable workforce.

The Mt Carroll Community Development Corp. was created to: ...

- Attract business and residential development that will maintain and improve our quality of life
- Attract jobs that will retain our young people
- Grow our community

The Mt Carroll Community Development Corp. plans to: ...

- Attract new residents to Mount Carroll with the influx of workers for the new prison in Thomson and the redevelopment of the Savanna Army Depot
- Attract new businesses to Mount Carroll that provide local jobs with attractive wages and add value to our community

The Mt Carroll Community Development Corp. is actively looking for: ...

Businesses in the following areas:

- Small to Medium (light) Manufacturing
- Artisan and Craft Galleries and Studios
- Retail Stores and Businesses
- Agri-businesses
- Service Businesses
- Commercial Businesses
- Homegrown Businesses
- Incubator Companies
- Tourism - Historical and/or Cultural Attraction
- Training/Conference Center

If you are interested in becoming a member, please CONTACT US today.